Vinyl Flooring

We offer safety Vinyl flooring throughout Cheltenham and Gloucester

Vinyl flooring can arrive in both sheets and tiles, these are available in a wide selection of styles and colours. These sheets and tiles can be cut to a bespoke layout, offering a unique design for your floor.

The resilience of vinyl flooring means that not only can it provide comfort under the feet but also reduce noise compared to wood flooring. Vinyl floors are moisture and stain resistant, any spills can be easily removed, without removing any of the colour and style.

Vinyl floors have now advanced to a stage where they are as aesthetically pleasing as carpet or wooden flooring, meaning that you can maintain the style you desire whilst keeping the flooring easy to clean and comfortable.

Safety Flooring

Vinyl flooring offers many safety features, which is why it is used in many commercial applications due to its easy to clean and anti-slip surface. Some vinyl flooring can also possess anti-static properties.

Healthcare is one area where safety vinyl flooring is used as they offer a significant sanitary advantage over carpets. Many of the safety flooring used in surgeries, hospitals and day care centres are sealed or have welded seams preventing them from becoming contaminated.

Sports - vinyl flooring is now being used more in gymnasiums and sport halls as an alternative to the expensive wood flooring that we see in older properties. These floors do not need to be maintained with wax and can even hold paint lines for certain sport courts.

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