Velvet Pile Carpet

A Softer Luxurious Carpet

This type of carpet has a smooth, sheer and elegant finish and is known to be low maintenance. There are a wide range of colours available.

It is ideal for halls, stairways, landings, dining rooms bedrooms and other living areas.

Our experts have years of experience in the supply and installation of velvet pile carpets throughout Cheltenham and Gloucester.

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Our carpet ranges include:

Carpets from $pound;8.99
Carpets from £7.99
Carpets in Cheltenham
Cirrus Underlay £4.99
Per sq m, was £6.99
Woolen Carpets in Gloucestershire
Wool Carpets from £15.99
5 Wool Colours in Gloucestershire
Stain Free Carpets £10.99
sq mt

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